Construction sites are inherently hazardous. Accidents on construction sites are the leading cause of worker injuries and fatalities. According to OSHA, 991 deaths occurred in 2017 on constructions sites alone. Many of these injuries or fatalities happen as a result of emergency medical issues with workers.


Medical issue ID labels can prevent fatalities on construction sites. By attaching labels onto hard hats, employers and coworkers can be aware of medical issues and act accordingly when a medical emergency occurs.


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Reviewing Your Company’s Emergency Response Plan

Although safety is a high priority in your company, you may want to review your company’s emergency response plan to determine if you have implemented a plan for dealing with medical emergencies. You may want to ask the following questions:


●        Are medical emergency IDs part of your procedure?

●        How do first responders or coworkers identify potential medical issues within your construction team?

●        Do first responders have quick access to workers’ medical history?

●        Are they prepared to handle such issues or know who to contact when emergencies arise?


Answering questions and providing appropriate solutions can save someone’s life when instances occur. Medical issue ID labels give workers and first responders instant information that allows them to provide help or treatment on site or on the way to a medical facility.

Hard Hat Medical ID Information

The information on medical IDs is crucial for employers to take quick action in the event of an emergency. The information needs to be complete and updated when necessary. ID data should include:


●        A clearly marked In Case of Emergency tag

●        The name of the worker

●        Two emergency contact phone numbers

●        The name and phone number of the company

●        Medical condition and treatment such as medication or prescriptions



First responders need to know this information to provide quick and effective treatment. A medical ID provides emergency personnel immediate access to vital information so they can begin care right away.

Common Medical Issues

There is a wide range of medical issues that workers suffer from. Although these medical issues do not necessarily prohibit an employee’s job performance, an episode can lead to injury or death.


Common medical issues may include:


●       Allergic reactions

●       Physical intolerance to certain workplace environments or conditions

●       Health Conditions

●       Previous injuries

●       Previous illnesses that could resurface

OSHA Emergency Action Plan Regulations

Although there is no specific mention of work identification requirements in OSHA’s Emergency Action Plan or Medical Services and First Aid procedure regulations, the regulations do specify that a plan needs to be implemented by employers. The requirements can be found here:


●         29 CFR 1926.35 Employee Emergency Action Plans

●        29 CFR 1926.50 Medical Services and First Aid


Providing medical issue ID labels on hard hats falls within the scope and intent of the OSHA regulations. Failure to do so could result in fines, penalties, or even a lawsuit.


Although employees are liable for reporting their medical or health conditions, companies can also be liable for not imposing an emergency action plan or medical emergency procedure in the event of an incident.

Emergency Safety Equipment for Workers

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