According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 20,000 job-related eye injuries annually. Facial injuries cause employees to lose an average of five to seven days of work. Some require additional time off. Some never return to work.


According to OSHA, over 90 percent of work-related face or eye injuries could have been avoided. In most cases, facial injuries occur due to worker negligence, lack of training by the company, reckless behavior or failure to wear the proper protection.


Leading Causes of Eye Injuries in the Workplace


To better understand the importance of eye and face protection, most eye and face injuries occur in the following work environments:


●        Metal and machinery

●        Welding

●        Drilling and cutting

●        Sanding and grinding

●        Chemicals and hazardous substances

●        Sawdust, cement, drywall


Injuries often occur in construction sites, factories, warehouses, agricultural environments, roadsides, and forestry jobs - basically, hazardous or high-risk areas.


How to Prevent Eye and Face Injuries on the Job


There are several ways to prevent eye injuries. For instance, managers can post signage in areas where the risk of injury is high. Companies can train their employees to be aware of areas where injury may occur. Workers can also orient themselves with the work area before engaging in the work.


The best way to prevent eye or face injury, however, is to wear OSHA or ANSI-approved protection that is relevant to your particular job. The right type of eyewear will protect you in certain work conditions.


Some examples include:


Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

Do you work in a high-humidity environment? Do you work in areas where steam or moisture are present throughout your work shift? Anti-fog glasses allow you to see clearly so that the fog or humidity does not limit your vision.


Anti-fog glasses are also puncture-resistant. If you run into an item due to limited visibility, the glasses will protect your eyes.


Face Shield

Face shields provide full face protection against dust, chemical splash and more. The lens in the goggle is coated to prevent fogging. They also feature ventilation holes with removable caps. If you wear regular glasses, you can get prescription face shields that enhance your eyesight.


Standard Safety Glasses

You may use safety glasses in a wide range of work environments including construction, factories, road work, and other high-intensity areas. The best thing about safety glasses is that they are generally lightweight but resistant to impact.


We recommend polycarbonate lenses. They are scratch resistant and offer 99 percent UVA/B/C protection. You can purchase safety sunglasses or transparent safety glasses that you can wear indoors.



Respirators are versatile. You can use them in a wide range of work environments to protect your face and eyes and protect your lungs. Industries in which respirators are valuable to the safety and health of workers include agriculture, construction, general manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and primary metals.


Eye and Face Protection From MC Tool & Safety


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