Whether you work on a construction site or public work projects, there’s nothing like working in the outdoors. The freedom, the sunshine, and the bright blue sky offer some of the best working conditions around. But Minnesota’s summer heat can be serious business. Heat-related health risks can hit you fast and shut down your workday before you know it.


At MC Tool & Safety, we understand the importance of avoiding heat stress and can help you keep your cool in the summer sun.


Heat-Related Complications

Heat stress is what happens when a body takes on too much heat. Although heat stress can be much worse during a heat wave, it can strike at any time. It can stress your body, cause illness, and even cause death. Heat stress can lead to any number of complications, including heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and sun poisoning.


An Overworked System

When a body becomes overheated, the individual’s cardiovascular system has to work much harder than usual. This extra strain stresses the entire body and can cause a sort of domino effect leading to other types of organ failure. Milder heat-related conditions include heat rash and heat cramps. There are also plenty of symptoms that warn of the beginnings of heat-related sickness.


These include:

●        Heavy sweating

●        Extreme thirst

●        Irritability

●        Headaches

●        Dizziness

●        Weakness

●        Cold, clammy skin


Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is one of the most common heat-related illnesses. It typically occurs with dehydration. This can be a result of water depletion or salt depletion. It isn’t quite as life-threatening as heat stroke, but it should be taken seriously. It is important to note that heat exhaustion is a step on the road to heat stroke. Profuse sweating marked by nausea, fatigue, and rapid heartbeat are signs of heat exhaustion.


Heat Stroke

Heat stroke happens when the body’s core temperature rises too high for too long, causing internal organ shutdown. Heat stroke can result in a coma as well as muscle, heart, liver, or kidney damage. Symptoms of heat stroke include dry skin that has stopped sweating, confusion, seizures, delirium, collapse, and loss of consciousness. Once a person has become symptomatic, the race is on to cool their internal body temperature before death or permanent damage results.


To avoid heat-related illness while working out in the sun:

●        Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water even if you don’t feel thirsty

●        Dress comfortably

●        Wear light-colored clothing that reflects the sunlight

●        Avoid tight clothing

●        Apply cooling gear


Cooling Products For Hot Days

You can also use cooling products specially designed to keep your body temperature exactly where it needs to be. At MC Tool & Safety, we offer a number of products to help keep you healthy in the heat.


Our Ergodyne and Pyramex products can help you with heat-resistant wear and other warming and cooling gear. We also offer wearable, hands-free hydration gear to keep you hydrated all through the workday.


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