A worker’s hands can be one of their most valuable assets. If their hands become injured, the expense to the worker and the company is often dramatic. Injured workers face modified responsibilities and lost wages, and the company’s monetary loss is also high. Fortunately, cut protection safety has come a long way.


At MC Tool & Safety in Minnesota, we offer cut resistant safety gear to keep your workers safe while on the job.


When a workplace injury occurs, extensive costs can occur from:

●        Shutting down the assembly line

●        Cleaning the area

●        Ambulance transportation

●        Increased insurance premiums

●        Accident investigation

●        Modifications to prevention training

●        Hospital care

●        Rehabilitation


Safety Begins With Worker Awareness

Cut prevention in the workplace starts with raising employee awareness of cut hazards. These include pinch points, puncture wounds, abrasions, lacerations, and even amputations. Workers are the first line of prevention against workplace accidents. Your employees should train to automatically do a cut assessment every time they start a task. This means taking a look around in all directions to evaluate any possible hazards.


Workers need to be on the lookout for:

●        Knife blades

●        Clean edge sheet glass

●        Rough-edged sheet metal

●        Stamped or punched sheet metal

●        Rough-edged sheet glass

●        Other abrasive cut hazards


Most Injuries are Preventable

Despite the importance of cut assessment, most cut-related hand injuries in manufacturing operations result from workers’ failure to wear appropriate cut-resistant gloves. Many others had inadequate or damaged safety equipment. When workers wear appropriate safety gloves on the job, the risk of hand injury drops dramatically. Although it may seem minor, choosing the right gloves are one of the most important decisions a manufacturer can make.


Cut-Resistant Gloves Offer Psychological Benefits

The psychological benefits of wearing gloves are tremendous. In workplaces that provide cut-resistant gloves, workers are more likely to feel cared about and valued by their employers. Having cut-resistant gloves creates an atmosphere of safety and causes workers to take their own safety more seriously. Spending money on gloves allows employers to reduce their bottom line while saving money on workplace hand injuries.


Choose the Right Material for Your Industry

Cut-resistant gloves are available in several materials. Nitrile is one of the first levels of defense against workplace injuries. It works well for generally any industry and carpentry and provides moderate comfort. Foam nitrile is suitable for metal fabrication and automotive assembly. PVC works well for furniture manufacturing and is excellent with adhesives.


Determine Your Workers’ Needs

An industry will choose the right gloves based on its workers’ needs. When choosing gloves for your organization, consider the level of cut resistance you need. Determine if your workers need a wet or dry grip or work with adhesives. Depending on your industry, you may also need to order gloves with sleeves.


Industrial Equipment Supplier in Minnesota

There is no better time than now to prioritize safety. At MC Tool & Safety, safety is our top priority. We offer a wide variety of industrial safety equipment. Our selection of gloves offers a wide range of choices suitable for many industries. Be sure to check out our inventory online. You can also request a quote and learn more about our safety equipment by contacting us at 888-206-2569 or messaging us at sales@mcsales.com.