Proper storage of chemicals in the workplace can reduce the likelihood of hazards on the job. Storage information can typically be found in your workplace’s Material Safety Data Sheet, or MSDS. For every hazardous chemical found in your workplace, there must be an MSDS to guide proper storage, usage, and disposal.


To reduce the risks associated with on-the-job chemicals and liquids, it is best to minimize their quantity to what is absolutely necessary. As an industrial equipment supplier, MC Tool & Safety knows how important it is to keep your worksite safe. To help you do that, we’ve put together this brief guide on proper liquid and chemical storage.


Segregation of Incompatible Chemicals

To avoid dangerous chemical reactions, separate all incompatible chemicals. Every hazardous chemical belongs to a hazard class, which makes their storage straightforward. Store like chemicals together and keep them away from other liquids and chemicals that could cause a reaction. Store them according to the following guidelines:


●        Flammable liquids and materials in excess of 10 gallons must be stored in an approved flammable materials storage closet or room.

●        Chemicals should be dated and labeled upon receipt and opening.

●        Store highly toxic chemicals in a locked and dedicated poison cabinet or room.

●        House acids in a dedicated acid cabinet and isolate nitric acid if stored in the same area.

●        Ventilated storage areas must contain volatile or odorous chemicals, but do not use fume hoods to contain chemicals.


Containment of Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous chemicals and liquids must have a containment system in place in the event of spills or leaks. The containment system must have the capacity to contain 10 percent of the volume of the combined containers, or the contents of the largest container. Leaking containers of hazardous materials may be transferred to salvage drums for storage or disposal.


Such drums must have equal or greater structural integrity than packaging authorized to contain each respective material. For workplace safety, you should conduct a worksite inspection to ensure you are using OSHA-compliant industrial safety equipment.


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