Practicing proper electrical safety methods isn’t only about following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, it is about keeping your job site safe. Improper practices around electricity can severely injure or even kill someone on your job. MC Tool & Safety can help your company follow OSHA regulations. By practicing proper electrical safety methods, you can better ensure the safety of your job site and your employees.


Top 5 Proper Electrical Safety Methods

Employees should be extremely mindful when working around electrical facets of a job. By following a few key methods and establishing a culture of safety in your company, you can do any electrical job safely.


1.      Follow OSHA Standards and Regulations. OSHA is the law of the land when it comes to electricity and safety. These regulations ensure that you protect your employees and people on a job site from electrical hazards. The biggest regulation of them all on this topic is to never work on energized wires or fixtures.

2.      Develop an Electrical Safety Program. Training on safety and safe electrical practices is key in an overall safety program through any company working with electricity. This program should involve identification of risk, awareness, safe work practices, basic electrical procedures, and electrical safety principles.

3.      Shock Safety Methods. While electrical shock is the most common, arc blasts and flashes can happen through the air. It is important to be able to identify the conditions that are conducive to arc blasts and arc flashes, and how to avoid them.

4.      Use Safe Work Procedures. As part of the training program, you should create and implement procedures for tools used. A policy directing the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) should also be put into place and periodically checked and reviewed. OSHA requires these procedures be in writing. Our experts can help direct you on following OSHA regulations closely.

5.      Components That Increase Electrical Safety. You should incorporate isolation equipment and the use of barriers to protect against electrical shock in your designs. Install current-limitation devices to reduce the levels associated with arc flash hazards. Good design can also reduce the level of PPE needed to work on particular jobs, making the job safer for everyone.


Need Proper Electrical Safety Equipment in Minnesota?

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