Working in low light environments is dangerous. What you can’t see can hurt you! Flashlights and headlamps provide proper illumination to get the job done safely.

Intrinsically Safe flashlights and headlamps are designed to keep you safe in an unsafe situation. If you find yourself in a hazardous environment, such as an explosive gas-filled confined space, the last thing you need is a flashlight or headlamp that can cause a spark!

Hands-free is the way to go! Do you sometimes wish you had an extra hand at work? Helmet-mounting clips, headlamps, and magnetic bases help free up your hands so that you can get your work done more efficiently and safely.

Tripping is only fun on vacation…Dual beam flashlights have a down light to help you see any trip hazards at your feet, in addition to a forward beam to help you see what’s ahead. It’s kind of like having an insurance policy for walking.

Use flashlights and headlamps that have a proven track record of durability and longevity…Where will you be when your light fails? Mushrooms thrive in the dark. People don’t.

Flashlights with strong center beams help see further distances. Look at the size and shape of the center beam to make sure you’re not losing light to the fringes. Here is a graphic illustration of a strong center beam:

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Read Osha's Small Entity Compliance Guide to the new ruling and details on Respirable Crystalline Silica.

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