Every job site needs to post visible hazard signs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires many of these signs to be in safety compliance at the job site. MC Tool & Safety can provide all the signage you need to make sure your job site passes that next OSHA visit.


6 Areas to Place Hazard Signs

Job sites can be dangerous places. OSHA mandates warning and hazard signs throughout your job site to protect workers and visitors from job site hazards. Here are some key areas to make sure you have signage:


1.      Job Site Entrance. Whether you are on a simple site that needs a few repairs, or a large site, the entrance is one of the most important areas. Does your site require hard hats? You need a sign for this. Are there chemicals in use that are hazardous? You need signage for volatile substances.

2.      Special Machinery and Equipment. Any equipment that can be dangerous or cause harm should have warning signs.

3.      Staging Areas for Materials. Especially if some or all of the materials you are using on a job site have a toxicity level, you need signage for storage of these materials.

4.      Electrical Panels. High voltage on a job site can be dangerous if not safely handled. First and foremost, you should post signs at all places where high voltages are used.

5.      Traffic Flow. Foot traffic and vehicle traffic areas should be clearly marked on your job site. OSHA will want to see that you have allowed for the proper clearances between stored materials and manufacturing areas.

6.      Eye Wash and Cleaning Areas. Especially if your site has any type of chemicals, you must clearly label eye wash and first aid areas in case of emergency.


Hazard Sign Posting

Bill Engvall (“Here’s your sign…”) gives us all a laugh when he talks about how we ask silly questions of each other that seem to be without common sense. Truth is, you need to develop a team to walk through your site and ask those very same silly questions to help find where you need signage. What seems like common sense to you, the job site contractor, may not be apparent to the casual job site visitor. Sometimes you need a new set of eyes will help you see where you need signage.


OSHA created regulations for your job site to help keep it safe for everyone. We are your OSHA compliance experts. OSHA job site visits are stressful and can get expensive when you are found to be in violation. We can help you determine the type and location of signage needed to glide through those inspections easily!


Need Job Site Signage in Minnesota?

MC Tool & Safety wants to be your Minnesota-based industrial safety equipment supplier of choice. Our professionals can recommend signage to assure your OSHA compliance on job sites. To reach one of our safety experts, call 888-206-2569, or you can message us at sales@mcsales.com.