Proper scaffolding safety is a critical consideration at almost every construction site. To protect your employees and comply with industry regulations, your site must meet specific scaffolding safety standards. At MC Tool & Safety, we offer a wide range of industrial safety equipment designed to keep your workforce safe. Is your worksite following proper scaffolding safety guidelines? Let’s find out.


Scaffolding Provides Fall Protection

Any worksite using scaffolding must adhere to specific fall protection measures as outlined by OSHA. All employees suspended 10 feet or more from a lower level must be protected using guardrails or a personal fall arrest system. Per OSHA, single point and two-point adjustable scaffolding require both guardrails and a personal fall arrest system. MC Tool & Safety offers a variety of personal fall arrest systems and protective equipment designed to protect your employees on the job.


Proper Scaffolding Training for Employees

A qualified person must properly train all employees operating, maintaining, erecting, disassembling, and inspecting scaffolding. This qualified person must demonstrate an ability to resolve scaffolding-related issues, through either training, certification or experience. Per OSHA, training should prepare employees to recognize and implement solutions to hazards associated with the equipment. Proper training prepares employees to act in the event of an emergency and can save you from extensive losses.


Proper Inspection

Before utilizing scaffolding, it is critical to ensure that a competent person has performed a detailed inspection. Scaffolding must always be inspected before every work shift to determine if it remains in proper working order. In addition, only a competent person may move, alter, dismantle, or erect scaffolding components. Any changes made to these components also require an additional inspection. Proper inspection of industrial safety equipment is also required to maintain a safe worksite. Before using personal fall arrest systems or other safety equipment, inspect for damages, wear, and abnormalities.


General Requirements

OSHA’s full scaffolding requirements are extremely detailed, however, all worksites must adhere to the following general scaffolding safety standards:


●        Capacity. All scaffolding must be capable of supporting at least four times its maximum intended load.

●        Falling Objects. To protect employees from falling objects, install appropriate guardrails, screens, toeboards, debris nets, canopy structures, or catch platforms. In addition, employees must wear hard hats within the worksite. All employees are prohibited from working on scaffolding littered with debris.

●        Safe Distance. All scaffolding must maintain a safe distance from exposed power lines. In addition, scaffolding must not exceed specific distances from the building under construction.


Industrial Safety Equipment Throughout the Midwest

When you’re looking for the best in protective equipment, MC Tool & Safety has you covered. We carry a wide variety of industrial safety equipment to fully outfit your crew. Whether you’re a purchaser for a large contractor or a small business owner, we have the products you need to keep your employees safe. For any questions or additional information about our products, contact us today.