If there’s any product you need to try in 2018, it’s SpraySmart non-aerosol paint pouches. We love this product because you can spray it on dirt and snow without disrupting the surface. SpraySmart paint pouches will meet or exceed upcoming OSHA regulations, as it’s safe to use and you can apply it to almost any ground surface. Below we look at some of the other features and benefits of this fantastic product.


Features of SpraySmart Paint Pouches

SpraySmart is a one-of-a-kind product that delivers industry-level results with a propellant-free delivery patented system for spraying market paint. The paint pouches offer several features.


●        Sprays in any direction on any substrate in any weather condition

●        Strategically designed to empty each paint pouch - no waste

●        System will fit in existing marking paint wands

●        Device and pouch weigh the same as a 20 oz. can

●        Propellant-free paint pouches are easier to shake and are more compact

●        Marks a greater area than the leading competitor

●        Lithium-Ion battery sprays up to 48 paint pouches when fully charged


What Are The Benefits of Using Rust-Oleum SpraySmart Paint Pouches?

As soon as you use the Rust-Oleum SpraySmart paint pouches, you will quickly notice the benefits. These include:


Less Waste. The unique transparent pouch allows you to see how much paint you have left. You can be assured that Rust-Oleum’s SpraySmart propellant-free system enables you to spray the pouch until its empty, utilizing the entire product.


More Tickets, Greater Efficiency. SpraySmart propellant-free application provides excellent coverage on all types of surfaces in all weather so that you can work faster. When you start with the right tools site, you’ll spend less time making trips back and forth. Your improved productivity will save you money.


Reduce Labor, Better Results. The Rust-Oleum SpraySmart paint pouches make marking locations economical and efficient – they also reduce labor and make the job easier. Lighter pouches to carry, one-pass marks, fewer change outs, and less downtime devoted to supplying and disposal issues will help your work day be more productive.


Cost-Effective Marking Solution. Rust-Oleum pouches are more convenient to transport and store than aerosol cans, eliminating additional storage and shipment costs. Disposing of the pouches is easier as well. You can dispose of your pouches with your standard waste pick-up.


MC Tool & Safety Offers Rust-Oleum Paint Pouches

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, efficient solution to marking any ground surface, we MC Tool & Safety offers Rust-Oleum SpraySmart paint pouches. We specialize in making your workplace safer and more efficient for all your employees. Visit our website to check out all of our commercial and industrial safety equipment and industrial supplies. You can also contact us at 888-206-2569, or you can message us at sales@mcsales.com. We are East Central Minnesota’s #1 industrial equipment supplier.