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First Aid Kits

Developing Your Emergency Plan

If there is an emergency at your worksite, it is crucial to have an emergency escape plan to keep you and your employees safe. Not only do you need to have an emergency plan, but you also need to train your staff on what to do during an emergency. Though a detailed emergency plan is essential, if your employees do not know where to find it or what to do, it can do more harm than good.

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Setting Up Eyewash Stations for a Hazardous Work Environment

The first five to ten second after an eye’s exposure to a hazardous or corrosive substance are critical when seeking treatment. If you fail to provide water for flushing the substance out of the eye or additional treatment, a minor injury can turn into a terminal physical condition.

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Developing a Safety Culture in Your Business

The behavior-based safety concept (i.e., creating a safety culture) was developed by H.W. Heinrich in the 1930s and 1940s. Heinrich researched hundreds of insurance reports and concluded that almost 90 percent of industrial accidents could be blamed on employee behaviors. Based on his findings, Heinrich concluded that the only way to create a safer environment was to observe and change worker behavior.

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Proper Eye and Face Protection on the Job

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 20,000 job-related eye injuries annually. Facial injuries cause employees to lose an average of five to seven days of work. Some require additional time off. Some never return to work.

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How to Avoid Heat Stress on the Job

Whether you work on a construction site or public work projects, there’s nothing like working in the outdoors. The freedom, the sunshine, and the bright blue sky offer some of the best working conditions around. But Minnesota’s summer heat can be serious business. Heat-related health risks can hit you fast and shut down your workday before you know it.

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Proper Hand and Stress Protection on the Job

When you work around machinery, you know how important it is to protect your hands. Neglecting to do so can result in injury, stress-related complications, and even loss of use. At MC Tool & Safety, we know how vital it is that you have the proper protective equipment on the job.

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Signs of Cold Stress and How to Treat Your Workers

The weather can get quite frigid here in Minnesota. Temperatures can plummet to below zero, while high winds and blizzards can make working outside almost unbearable. For construction workers and those in the contracting industry, working outside can slow products and render some equipment almost useless. Even worse, however, is the threat of cold stress on the workers.

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Preventing Slips on Snow & Ice

According to last year’s statistics, ice and snow-related falls accounted for 29% of worker’s compensation claims during the winter season. In many of these cases, workers were convinced they had on adequate boots or other gear to handle the slick terrain below their feet on jobs or public work projects. The reality is, however, that normal shoes just don’t cut it when you’re working on snow and ice with landscaping equipment or other environments. It’s better to have the proper gear and play it safe. Below we highlight a couple of ice traction products that will keep your feet on the solid ground this winter.

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Hazard Communication in the Workplace

We’ve all witnessed the consequences of poor communication. We see it every day in the workplace. What happens when lack of communication becomes a health hazard? According to OSHA, hazards communication (or lack thereof) is the second leading code violation in the work environment. It’s also a leading cause of injuries and work-related health conditions. The bottom line in the workplace is, if you have something to say, you need to say it!

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Why Your Gas Monitor Needs to Be Calibrated

Oxygen deficiencies and toxic closed-space environments lead to hundreds of worker deaths or injuries every year. In most cases, workers are completely unaware of the conditions that they are walking into. For this reason, gas monitors are used to gauge how much toxicity is in an enclosed space so that workers will know whether to enter or not.

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