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Traffic Safety Signage

6 Ways You Can Keep Your Highway Workers Safe

As highway infrastructure progresses, transportation agencies are rebuilding and improving existing roadways. At the same time, traffic continues to grow and create more congestion in metropolitan areas such as Minneapolis. The combination of more work alongside increasingly heavier traffic can result in increased safety considerations for highway workers.

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6 Areas to Place Hazard Signs on the Job Site

Every job site needs to post visible hazard signs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires many of these signs to be in safety compliance at the job site. MC Tool & Safety can provide all the signage you need to make sure your job site passes that next OSHA visit.

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Signs of Cold Stress and How to Treat Your Workers

The weather can get quite frigid here in Minnesota. Temperatures can plummet to below zero, while high winds and blizzards can make working outside almost unbearable. For construction workers and those in the contracting industry, working outside can slow products and render some equipment almost useless. Even worse, however, is the threat of cold stress on the workers.

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Hazard Communication in the Workplace

We’ve all witnessed the consequences of poor communication. We see it every day in the workplace. What happens when lack of communication becomes a health hazard? According to OSHA, hazards communication (or lack thereof) is the second leading code violation in the work environment. It’s also a leading cause of injuries and work-related health conditions. The bottom line in the workplace is, if you have something to say, you need to say it!

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5 Essential Products That Keep Your Work Area Safe

When it comes to your business, safety in the workplace should always be your top priority. At MC Tool & Safety, we provide a wide range of safety equipment and tools that protect your entire workforce. Below are five work items that will keep your employees safe.

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