Why go for a Versatile Vendor of General Contractor Supplies?

From landscaping equipment to general contractor supplies, MC Tool & Safety has it all. But why is such versatility in the products we sell an asset to you?

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Best Tools for Summer Heat Safety

Summer is on the horizon, which is the busy season for many construction businesses across the state! It’s time for bigger profits, harder work and, perhaps most important of all, more satisfied clients. Your workers will most likely be giving it their all this season and picking up the pace to make sure any given project gets completed on time.

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Where to Place Hazard Signs

Even outside of the construction industry, people make use of safety-related signs on a daily basis. From “do not enter” and “stop” signs on the road to “keep out” signs on the walk-in freezers at your local supermarket, a visual notification of danger can be a great way to keep citizens safe. When it comes to construction equipment and general contractor tools, though safety signs might not be just an ethical consideration—they could be a legal one, too. After al, under OSHA regulations, every employee deserves a safe place to work. Failing to provide adequate signage can land your construction company in legal hot water, resulting in possible fines and negative PR.

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Tools for Springtime Construction Safety

The birds are singing, rivers rising, slush disintegrating—spring has finally arrived! No matter what climate you live in, springtime in the Northern hemisphere brings warmer weather and, at times, a renewed sense of purpose. If you’re in the market for general contractor tools or manage public works projects, you’d be wise to harness this energy and push forward on your projects with new vigor.

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Safety and Confined Spaces

Skilled workers in many industries must learn how to navigate their jobs in confined spaces. According to the Occupational Health And Safety Administration (OSHA), a confined space is sizable enough for a person to enter and do certain jobs, but not designed for perpetual human presence. These spaces are generally also hard to get in and out of.

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Proper Hearing Protection on the Job

Many of us take our sense of hearing for granted. We don’t often think about our ability to listen to our favorite music, communicate with people, or read the vibe of a room through the tone of the conversations taking place within it. How would your life change if you weren’t able to do these things?

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Eye and Face Safety: The Basics

Our eyes and face are more than just the first thing other people notice about us. For construction workers, this part of their bodies is oftentimes crucial to do good work. From assessing visual construction components to hearing and smelling the signs of danger, your employees probably use their eyes, noses, and ears constantly to do their jobs right. Take those away via injury from a previously able-bodied construction worker, and that person is probably out of a career.

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A Practical Guide to Electrical Safety

We all use electricity. From powering our lights to our cell phones, it’s almost impossible to live a modern life without it. Electricity also renders itself as an integral force in the construction industry. It powers tools, keeps workers safe by making lighting possible, and generally makes the construction of our huge, modern-scale projects possible.

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Keeping Your Workers’ Hands Safe from Harm

While we don’t normally think of them that often, our hands are some of our most useful assets when it comes to getting through everyday life. How else would you text on your phone, drive to and from work, or even cook dinner at night? For people who work in the construction industry, though, their hands are the very things that enable them to do their jobs. Operating machinery with safety and finesse can only be accomplished with their hands.

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Ensure Your Company's Scaffolding is Safe

In the construction industry, a scaffold is much more than a simple platform to stand on. It allows workers to reach heights on buildings that would be deemed unsafe, should one use a ladder for the same purpose. Though temporary, these structures are mighty and, without them, our construction capabilities would no doubt be greatly hindered!

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