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Eye and Face Safety: The Basics

Our eyes and face are more than just the first thing other people notice about us. For construction workers, this part of their bodies is oftentimes crucial to do good work. From assessing visual construction components to hearing and smelling the signs of danger, your employees probably use their eyes, noses, and ears constantly to do their jobs right. Take those away via injury from a previously able-bodied construction worker, and that person is probably out of a career.

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A Practical Guide to Electrical Safety

We all use electricity. From powering our lights to our cell phones, it’s almost impossible to live a modern life without it. Electricity also renders itself as an integral force in the construction industry. It powers tools, keeps workers safe by making lighting possible, and generally makes the construction of our huge, modern-scale projects possible.

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Keeping Your Workers’ Hands Safe from Harm

While we don’t normally think of them that often, our hands are some of our most useful assets when it comes to getting through everyday life. How else would you text on your phone, drive to and from work, or even cook dinner at night? For people who work in the construction industry, though, their hands are the very things that enable them to do their jobs. Operating machinery with safety and finesse can only be accomplished with their hands.

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Ensure Your Company's Scaffolding is Safe

In the construction industry, a scaffold is much more than a simple platform to stand on. It allows workers to reach heights on buildings that would be deemed unsafe, should one use a ladder for the same purpose. Though temporary, these structures are mighty and, without them, our construction capabilities would no doubt be greatly hindered!

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Preventing Fall Injuries This Winter

Responsible construction managers know that winter work brings with it its fair share of safety hazards and possible OSHA violations. Not that these cannot be mitigated, of course; keeping your workers safe only requires a little forward thinking and investment.

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How to Spot Quality High-Visibility Vests

Of course, high-visibility clothing is designed to be easy to spot! Wearing personal protective equipment is an important safety precaution for workers in a variety of construction settings. However, high-quality pieces of high-visibility clothing are a little harder to spot and discern from their shoddily-made brethren. To the untrained eye, after all, a reflective vest looks like a reflective vest!

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Why Proper Respirator Fit is Important

A respirator may sound like a scary medical device, but in the construction safety equipment field, it’s anything but scary. In fact, countless construction specialty contractors and other construction employees use these devices day in and day out to protect themselves from long-term illnesses caused by harmful workplace fumes.

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Proper Workplace Hazard Communication

Construction specialty contractors and anyone who manages in a similar field have one thing in common: they want to ensure the physical safety of their employees. Aside from an obvious moral obligation to do so, proper safety protocol prevents both legal and PR disasters that can cost the company thousands.

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What is a Competent Person? Why are They Needed?

Competence: it is defined, outside of the construction business, as being able to perform any given skill adequately. Outside of construction, a competent person, by proxy, needs to be trained just enough to be able to get the job done. However, inside the construction business, “competent person” takes on a whole new meaning. It’s a title shrouded in legal jargon under OSHA regulations—a title that requires more than mere competence to obtain, and a title that can be confusing to understand, even for seasoned construction firms.

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Best Safety Products for Use in Cold Weather

Winter is just around the corner! As any Minnesota native knows, this means below-zero wind chills, ice coating every surface imaginable, and a never-ending need to protect oneself against the winter weather. Down jackets, hand warmers, thick boots, you name it—all are essential parts of surviving the season.

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