Protecting your employees from breathing harmful and toxic fumes is a top priority when it comes to their safety, and there’s no better company providing respiratory safety products than 3M. With hundreds of products available for respiratory protection alone, there’s 3M safety equipment for whatever the specific needs of your trade – and MC Tool & Safety can help you find it.

3M is a world-renowned name in manufacturing and produces an enormous variety of items in both industrial supply and for sale to consumers. Their brilliant teams have worked to develop high-quality respiratory equipment. Whether you’re in need of reusable, disposable, or power and air supplied respiratory equipment, our team can help you find just the right safety equipment at just the right price for just the right protection. We’ll even help you learn how to use it – that’s all a part of the MC Tool & Safety difference.

Types of Respiratory Protection Equipment 3M Supplies:

  • Reusable
  • Disposable
  • Power & Supplied Air


Reusable Respirators

In a trade where workers frequently encounter hazardous elements such as toxic dust or fumes, reusable equipment to protect breathing is a must. Save on your overhead costs by supplying workers with quality respiratory equipment to keep them protected on the job. 3M has worked to create reusable respirators that are not only functional but comfortable. Reusable protection shouldn’t hinder productivity but enable it. 3M produces both full face and half face respirators, depending on the level of protection necessary. Masks can be suited for protection from gas, vapors, or particulates, as well as combination filters.

Disposable Respirators

For protection against milder hazardous materials such as encountering general dust in cleaning, as well as sawdust in building, a disposable respirator may be suitable. If disposable is the best solution in your line of work, MC Tool & Safety will not only help you determine which 3M product is best for your particular trade, but we can source it to you, as well. Contact us for your disposable supplies today!


Power and Air-Supplied Respirators

When it comes to keeping lungs clean, you don’t want to mess around with the wrong gear or a low-quality product. With 3M’s safety products, you never have to worry about quality, which makes them an excellent choice for both power and air-supplied respirators. Everything from face pieces, to hoods, cooling systems to filters, we can help you find the heavy duty respirators you and your crew need to get the job done safely.

Respirators are just the kind of supplies you want to buy from an industrial distributor who knows their stuff! Not only will our team be able to help you select the right type of respirator for your line of work, but they can also help you learn how to use it properly, ensuring your crew’s safety on the job. That’s what MC Tool & Safety is all about, providing our customer with the highest in service, product quality, and the right price.

Contact the MC Tool & Safety team today to place an order of the respirators you need, call 763-786-5350.