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Ratchet Pipe Shear

Reed Manufacturing Co.


1-1/4" O.D. in Capacity

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  • Pointed blade in one-hand, ratcheting RSP1 helps start the cut in tough plastics and helps avoid bounce in thin wall material.
  • V-shaped cradle supports pipe giving 3 touch points - 2 at bottom and main one on blade.
  • Hardened steel blade makes RSP1 ideal for cutting PE, PP, PEX and ABS.
  • Quick release lever to open blade, along with safety latch to keep tool closed when not in use.
  • Sharpen or replace blade for best performance.


Product Detail
Catalog No.: RSP1
Item Code: 04276



actual O.D. in 1 1/4" nom. IPS
(1.66" actual O.D.)
actual O.D. mm 42
in 8.75
mm 222
Application [1] PE, PEX, PP, ABS
lbs 0.9
kg 0.4



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