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The team at McClellan Sales is proud to offer a wide range of abrasives for construction materials. We carry a huge selection ranging from bonded, coated, and wire brush abrasives. These tools serve such an enormous amount of purposes, and we carry one for any type of need you could think of. Whether you’re looking for a tool to grind, buff, polish, cut, hone, sharpen, or sand, we have an abrasive for the job.

This is an area where the McClellan team shines – providing every trade with abrasives suited to the job. Get in touch with our team to narrow down which product is right for your trade and the job.

Bonded Abrasives
This type of abrasive is created from a bond or mixture of resin, clay, glass, or rubber along with an abrasive material. McClellan carries an assortment of wheel-shaped bonded abrasives specially made for different duties such as cutting, sanding, or shaping. We carry bonded abrasives from 3M, Dremel, Makita, Norton, Weiler, and more.

Coated Abrasives
Think sandpaper and beyond. Coated abrasives are those that have a flexible backing material – perhaps paper, cloth, resin, rubber, some metal, or polyester – affixed to an abrasive, for ease of use. Often this is the type of abrasive seen on a belt or orbital sander, on the side of a matchbook, or in diamond cutting tools. McClellan carries 3M, Anchor, Honeywell, Metabo, and Weiler brands, to name a few.

Wire Brush Abrasives
An immense selection of wire brush abrasives is available for purchase through McClellan Sales, Inc. For rust and paint removal at any variation of grit level, we have an abrasive wire brush for the job. Cleaning into the cracks and crevices of any and all kinds of equipment, we have wire brushes for that. You name it, we’ve got an abrasive wire brush for it.

For a nearly endless selection of abrasives, contact the McClellan Sales, Inc team today. We will work with you to determine your need and the product to match. Give us a call today at 763-786-5350 to get started placing your order.

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