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How to Practice Proper Electrical Safety

Practicing proper electrical safety methods isn’t only about following Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, it is about keeping your job site safe. Improper practices around electricity can severely injure or even kill someone on your job. McClellan Sales can help your company follow OSHA regulations. By practicing proper electrical safety methods, you can better ensure the safety of your job site and your employees.

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6 Areas to Place Hazard Signs on the Job Site

Every job site needs to post visible hazard signs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires many of these signs to be in safety compliance at the job site. McClellan Sales can provide all the signage you need to make sure your job site passes that next OSHA visit.

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Proper Scaffolding Safety

Proper scaffolding safety is a critical consideration at almost every construction site. To protect your employees and comply with industry regulations, your site must meet specific scaffolding safety standards. At McClellan Sales, we offer a wide range of industrial safety equipment designed to keep your workforce safe. Is your worksite following proper scaffolding safety guidelines? Let’s find out.

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Proper Hand and Stress Protection on the Job

When you work around machinery, you know how important it is to protect your hands. Neglecting to do so can result in injury, stress-related complications, and even loss of use. At McClellan Sales, we know how vital it is that you have the proper protective equipment on the job.

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How to Conserve Your Hearing on the Job

Noise is as normal to a construction site as the work itself. Everyday equipment, tools, and other activity keep noise levels high. In some cases, the noise levels are so high that workers have to wear protective hearing gear. Exposure to high levels of noise causes hearing loss and may cause other harmful health effects as well. The extent of damage depends primarily on the intensity of the sound and the duration of the exposure. Below, we look at ways to conserve your hearing so that you don’t turn deaf by the age of 35.

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What You Need to Know About Fall Protection

Each year falls are among the most common causes of injuries and fatalities on the job site.

Construction companies need to establish safe work environments to prevent falls from elevated workplaces or from higher levels to lower levels. McClellan Sales offers a wide range of fall prevention equipment and gear that will keep your staff safe while on the job.

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Are Your Portable Ladders OSHA Approved?

New OSHA regulations for portable ladders have just gone into effect this month. That means that you may have to review your ladders to ensure they are code-compliant. Ladders are a critical component of fall prevention. Therefore, they need to meet safety standards set by ANSI, ASC, and OSHA. McClellan Sales, Inc. offers a wide selection of industrial ladders in all shapes, sizes, and materials that comply with all federal, state, and local regulations. Contact us today to find out more about the portable ladders we carry.

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5 Electrical Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Let’s start off with some facts:


●        Electrocutions are one of the most common hazards on construction sites.

●        Each year, roughly 150 workers die from electric shock.

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Signs of Cold Stress and How to Treat Your Workers

The weather can get quite frigid here in Minnesota. Temperatures can plummet to below zero, while high winds and blizzards can make working outside almost unbearable. For construction workers and those in the contracting industry, working outside can slow products and render some equipment almost useless. Even worse, however, is the threat of cold stress on the workers.

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Check Out Rust-Oleum SpraySmart Non-Aerosol Paint Pouches

If there’s any product you need to try in 2018, it’s SpraySmart non-aerosol paint pouches. We love this product because you can spray it on dirt and snow without disrupting the surface. SpraySmart paint pouches will meet or exceed upcoming OSHA regulations, as it’s safe to use and you can apply it to almost any ground surface. Below we look at some of the other features and benefits of this fantastic product.

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